Covid19 Hoax

Covid19 is the Cure of all deaths it’s the ultimate vaccine there’s no more Heart attacks, Cancer , Strokes, drowning, Falls, Flu , Car wrecks since Winnie the Fluu been around

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Winnie the Fluu

Confederate flag is Racist Anything associated with it must be eliminated taken down erased well the Democrats created the KKK get them racist motherfuckers out of here

Abraham Lincoln First Republican President Freed the Slaves when every Democrat voted against it. MLK was a Republican and MLK Day was made a holiday by Republican Ronald Reagan. Democrats are RACIEST Liars and only want to make this country divided. Democrats no that A country with Separation you can Control and if we Unite as one they can not control. The Democrats when Lincoln Freed the Slaves Lincoln wanted us to unite as One the Democrats created the KKK and Assassinated. JFK the Speech that he wanted to get Rid of the Secret societies we must Unite as one He was assassinated by the Democrat. MLK Wanted equal rights he was assassinated by Democrat. Donald Trump Wants to Clean out the Swamps he’s For Americans to be one Equal make America Great again what do the Democrats do Bring on a migrant Caravan claiming Trump is Raciest. He wanted to build a wall for illegals to stay out. Look illegals are illegal Trump has never been against any Refugees. They. Have to get Visa get in the system and pay taxied now. Illegals don’t want to pay taxes they want us to pay ares they get free child birth now food while the husband is working. Not to get taxes taken out. Plus they can get 100 No driving license Tickets why they have no Drivers LICENSE TO Suspend. Or countless Drug Charges because there is no identity of them they say Jose Bora then next time Juan Corana. The migrant caravan is no different than the Black Lives Matter it’s a paid organization by the Democrat to cause Chaos Black Lives Matter was never even in existence until Barack Obama back the blue blue lives matter Barack Obama transgender’s where do we go to the bathroom Barack Obama gays and all this Barack Obama Muslims coming over here freely Barack Obama you know Barack Obama is the one who made in prison camps for them kids it was a Democrat law to separate children at the border Barack Obama literally captured kids to hunt hundreds of thousands 10 times as many as Trump to start he has and Hillary sex trafficking organization and it will go down people Obama Hillary devils Obama hand-delivered assault rifles to the Mexican cartel for them to take over the government Operation fast and furious.

Happy Fathers Day I guess Barak Obama isn’t celebrating it today?🤔

Yes look into Martin Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard those are the Birth Parents of the Obama Girls here’s a small video I put together in Tiktok

And if you didn’t no Michelle Obama has a 3RD leg 100% Just Try and Find one Pregnant Photo or a Swimsuit of Michelle Obama they don’t exist.

Here is one Video that will definitely raise a Eyebrow.

YES I Believe without a shadow of a a doubt these are the Parents of the Obama Girls. SO YOU BELIEVE THE NEWS MEDIA TELLS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. You are allowing that TV to tell you what to think see and believe. Here’s one of President Nixon’s Quotes.

HAVE YOU EVER RESEARCHED INTO OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD OR OPERATION PAPERCLIP MKULTRA. Its Clear as Day FACT that this is CIA Operations. What you think that they admitted to it and now they stopped they don’t do it anymore? Look in 1969 NASA on the First a attempt they Successfully Travelled 250,000 miles to the Moon and For 1 hr 56m walked on the Moon. Then Travelled 250,000 miles back to Earth to crash into the ocean in a 12ftby12ft Cylinder scrap metal shit box. Did You know that NASA the United States is the only country to Send man 250,000 miles to the Moon and Walk on it? NASA 1968 Apollo 8 was the First to Orbit the Moon.


George Floyd was a Staged Event 100% proof

Here’s Part1 to the Staged Event created by the Democrats of the Minneapolis I can’t breath. Look Floyd and Chauvin worked together at the same Night Club for over a decade also it shows the family members acting the brother pushing for Biden and a Mayor. Look

It’s unbelievable the lies we live in today. Part2 will show Crisis Actors and the actual video taped fake scripted acting of the supposedly Caint Breath look Floyd is a Crisis Actor

South Kerr Tik Tok

Well I haven’t published any word press content in a while or made any YouTube Videos lately. The Reason is I got the Covid19. Yeah and I also won the Lottery 🤔 you would definitely have a greater chance of winning the Lottery than ever catching that made up Covid19 bulishit. We all know the FLU is the real killer and Covid19 is either made up to take away the death toll count. On the FLU. Look The Flu Killed from Oct/2018 to 4/2019 80,000 United States Deaths Wow

The Flu killed 650,000 million Globely

Get Real people Covid19 is a Total Joke or Actually what Government stands for a Total Mind Control operation for us to be Controlled on Quarantine for a future bigger Controlled plan

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Moon Hoax South Kerr

Here’s my latest Masterpiece of The Apollo Moon Mission Hoax

It Shows CIA Agent Robert David Steele saying these Words NASA We called them Not A Space Agency and the Bulk of the Brainwashing was done there.

Then I have Neil Armstrong talking about the Technology that got then to the Moon. It’s absolutely ridiculous he’s laughing and joking saying but it got us there😂😂

Check out other Moon Hoax Videos as well here is a link to my Top 5 Moon Hoax Videos

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Google Illuminati backwards

My lastest masterpiece. Is about are Government isn’t trying to help or save us from some Covid 19 virus but wants Control of us. Did y’all know

Mind Control

That Government means mind control. Wow and just Google Illuminati backwards ( see in my video ) and wow unbelievable. That Tv is nothing more but a way for are government to tell us what to think see believe and guess what are government controls it. So the authors of Satan are telling us his script. The Father of Lies Satan

Are government has had all sorts of Secrect missions my video names a few but here’s one operation mockingbird

Are CIA controls the news

CIA created the term conspiracy theorist.

My video with my style of comedy will show you not to believe everything you see or hear believe nothing you hear or see do your own research. Studies show that 80,000 died in the US alone from the Flu in 2018 and Covid 19 over a 4 month period Globely had Killed 10,000 the numbers are not even in the same ball park if you had to choose from Covid 19 or the Flu to get well and live which one would you pick?

The answer would be Covid 19 unless your brainwashed from that government controlled Satan news . Thanks please watch my video God bless. South Kerr

Coronavirus Got to Shit

Why would anyone get toilet paper for their survivle from Coronavirus Virus my Latest Video

Its a Comedy Video for sure the people who are fooled by this Fake Dangerous Virus. Just don’t have a clue. Just think last year’s Flew season just in the United States kills 80,000 people and just this Year the Flu has Killed 20,000 and this Coronavirus has been around since 17 of November and CNN is saying 6,000 in 4 months total have died.

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